About Us

The Ansell Rubber Co., originally established in the year 1905 was the Ansell family company for generations.  The Ansell family expanded into Medical Transcription Services and founded Ansell Medical Transcription just over 100 years later in the year 2009. A rapidly growing venture with its head-office in Melbourne, Australia, Ansell MT operates in multiple locations to meet the growth and expansion of medical transcription requirements, billing and coding services, and also projects such as medical records summarization.

With a strong mission to offer top quality medical transcription services to healthcare providers, who require accurate and secure documentation of medical records at a record turnaround time, Ansell MT works as an end-to-end solution provider for all its clients.

At Ansell MT, we strive to offer top-quality services using the most reliable, flexible and advanced result-oriented methodology in healthcare documentation.

What We Do

In healthcare documentation, there is no alternative when it comes to quality. The success of our business as well as yours depends on maintaining a highly consistent performance. That is why we are passionate in maintaining a high standard in all our services.

At Ansell MT, we take pride in having an outstanding team with the proficiency and experience to meet and exceed the expectations of our growing international clientele. Our medical transcriptionists and editors are highly experienced, extremely competent, and have a broad exposure to different areas of medical specialties. Constantly striving to maintain top standards, they regularly ensure quality and accuracy in the services offered.

We have an effective team management system that manages all production requirements. An intelligent automated work flow mechanism is in place to ensure effective utilization of our human resources depending on need. We guarantee Quality, Accuracy and Fast Turnaround on all our services.

Our transcriptionists work closely with editors and team leaders in order to make sure that we are continually meeting and exceeding the industry standards of accuracy. Quality analysts ensure the final level of double proofing and checking. They are not only strong mentors to the team but most importantly act as a bridge between our clients and the team. Thus all specific and generic requirements of our clients are addressed such that it is devoid of ambiguities. We constantly promote an open culture and encourage feedback in our pursuit of excellence.

Our Team

We are a dedicated and professional team of medical transcriptionists, documentation specialists, language specialists and quality analysts who work round the clock to deliver reliable, consistent and exceptional work.

Our medical transcriptionists and language specialists are well trained professionals who are constantly aware of the latest developments in the industry.

Our documentation specialists and quality analysts constantly strive to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest technical knowhow and to ensure that highly effective strict quality assurance processes are in place to deliver impeccable results.

Our Infrastructure

Our multiple office facilities function as the base for providing high quality medical transcription services ensuring guaranteed turnaround time and strict HIPAA compliance. Our team of transcriptionists, editors and quality analysts ensure that each electronic medical record passes through a stringent quality check at multiple levels thereby ensuring an output of minimal to zero error documents.

We have harnessed cutting edge technology so that our work is easily imported into an EMR system with the aid of iOS and Android apps. We also ensure that our servers undergo regular updates.


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