Why Choose Ansell Medical Transcription Services ?

Ansell MT has delivered successful and exceptional quality of work to clients all over the world.

At the core of all processes is a diligent team of medical transcriptionists, documentation specialists, language specialists and quality analysts who work 7 days a week to ensure highest levels of accuracy.

To begin with, our medical transcriptionist translates patient’s encounter with the healthcare provider, which is in oral form to textual content. Dictation in audio formats like aiff, caf, mp4, dic etc. are transmitted via secure connection to our data center.

Thereafter, our documentation specialists who are professionally qualified and have the required skill set to produce multiple reports like Operative reports, History and Physical reports, Conclusion Reports, Discharge summaries etc, ensure that stringent policies are followed to produce reports with highest levels of accuracy.

With advancements in technology, written reports are auto-generated using speech recognition software. At Ansell MT, we guarantee that this too is error free by employing the logic and reasoning skills of our quality analysts.

Why Ansell MT ?

Ansell MT assures:

  • Highest level of accuracy using 3-tier quality control processes
  • Fastest turnaround time of 24-hours
  • High level security of patient data using measures like authorization, authentication, SSL encryption and data fragmentation
  • Multistage quality control processes
  • Express document service available 7 days a week
  • Experienced professionals to handle your multiple volumes of medical records
  • Customized summaries to meet unique needs of different clients
  • Account status reports available at any time
  • Free secure online patient information storage period
  • Improved filing of patient information
  • Telephone assistance and technical support