Why Join Ansell MT ?

Career Growth

We believe that work driven by passion and commitment towards goals, lead to maximum output and minimal stress. At Ansell MT, you open the door to a vista of opportunities that will pave the way for your professional development and growth.

Working with the smartest and most talented experts from the industry, you can make the most of your talent. At Ansell MT, we assure you that you will be recognized for your efforts, and can take your career to new highs.

Life at Ansell MT

We believe that our employees are our biggest assets. We are committed to constantly evaluating the changing needs of our employees in order to provide the best possible work environment for them.

At Ansell Medical Transcription and Coding Services, you will find an interesting group of individuals with varied interests but the right attitude. We conduct events, fun activities and competitions for employees and their families to support and promote their talents. We understand and value the physical, financial, emotional and social well being of our employees and at the same time recognize the importance that a little fun can contribute towards achieving better health and happiness.


        We Require Individuals With

  • Sound knowledge of basic and advanced medical terminology
  • Excellent command over English grammar and comprehension
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Above-average knowledge of basic computer software and good typing skills
  • Good visual and auditory ability
  • Ability to concentrate for longer periods and skillful logical analysis

Current Openings



  • Highly-skilled and experienced medical transcriptionists with around 2 years in documentation of diverse nature, specialties, accents and dialects.
  • Ability to spot out grammatical and contextual errors
  • Expertise in editing physician-dictated medical records
  • Proficiency in referencing and researching
  • Must possess good interpretative abilities and communication skills
  • Ability to give consistent and constructive feedback to the transcriptionists

Quality Analysis


  • An expert in healthcare documentation with advanced knowledge in medical terminology, disease processes, signs & symptoms, medications and laboratory values
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to provide consistent feedback and guidance regarding quality to the transcriptionists, editors, and supervisors
  • Multi-skilled, highly flexible with the ability to handle multiple accounts
  • Must be a team player with excellent leadership skills

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